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Father’s Day is a time to show appreciation for all the love, support, and sacrifice fathers offer their children each day. Dads are an important part of building responsible, productive, and happy young adults – the foundation of our country’s future. We would like to recognize three staff members who give their all to provide a supportive environment for their children and all of us at Sterling Presbyterian Manor.

Dallas Harman, director of environmental services for nearly six years, is raising eight children with his wife, Emily: Derek, 27, Dalton, 23, Madison, 19, Chaelee, 17, Chiara, 15, Chalin, 13, Clayton, 10, and, last but not least, Addison, 8.

Dallas says he believes fathers should serve as good role models for their children, and he strives to show his kids the importance of hard work and dedication.

“I show up to work daily no matter what I have going on,” he says. “Even if I wake up not feeling well, I make it to work no matter what.”

Fatherhood and family life is “extremely rewarding” for Dallas.

“Being a father is rewarding in the sense of being able to watch the kids learn about anything and watch it all click,” he says. “Whether you’re teaching them about sports, helping them with their homework, or teaching them about yard work, it’s watching them learn and grow no matter what their ages are.”

Kyle Williams, housekeeping and laundry supervisor for three years, is raising five children with his wife, Laurel: Alexandria, 18; twins Kaleb, 17, and Kyle, 17; Griffin, who turned 12 on Easter Sunday; and Natalie, 8.

Recognizing that children determine the future success of our country, Kyle says he works hard to bring up productive and kind members of society.

“Our children need us. They look up to us,” he says. “I try to do everything I can to help them better themselves. I want all my kids to grow up and be good, wonderful citizens of the community and helpful. That’s my goal as a parent.”

Kyle’s children and family provide purpose and meaning in his life. His children are his joy.

“The best thing about being a father is the love and the feeling that you get when you’re with them – when they do something silly to make you laugh or snuggle with you,” he says. “They just really kind of fulfill my life and bring complete enjoyment and happiness.”

Jarrhett Moore, maintenance technician for one year, is raising two children: Jewellianna, 10, and J.C., 9.

What Jarrhett wants most for his children is a life of happiness and contentment. He would like for them to earn a college degree and become productive members of society, but more than that, he wants his kids to feel fulfilled.

“I don’t care what it is they do,” he says, “as long as they are happy.”

Communication is important in parenting, Jarrhett says, and he believes in helping his children truly comprehend complex notions. As his children learn from him, he learns from them.

“They have helped me become more patient and tolerant,” he says.

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