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No matter your age, it’s always fun to experiment with makeup, learn new skincare tips and enjoy a little pampering.

That’s why Cathy LaTourell, a local Mary Kay representative, has been taking time to hold makeup and skincare sessions at Sterling Presbyterian Manor, giving residents makeovers, facials and valuable beauty tips.

“I’ve enjoyed working with the residents at the Presbyterian Manor,” Cathy said. “Women enjoy the pampering, and I’m glad to provide a service that they like.”

Donna Grizzle, life enrichment activity director, said at the last Mary Kay party resident Kay Doll tried on makeup for the first time and loved the experience.

“She was giddy,” Donna said. “She was full of questions for Cathy about the products, how to apply and what you should and shouldn’t do.”

Cathy also leaves behind samples that residents or staff members are free to use.

“She’ll leave samples and then the residents can have the aides or me or whomever spruce them up all nice before a special event out with family,” Donna said.

Cindy Moore, administrative services and marketing director at Presbyterian Manor, recently joined Cathy’s team in representing Mary Kay and helps with the parties.

“The ladies here love it,” she said. “They get to feel extra special.”

Donna said the Mary Kay parties enrich the residents’ lives.

“That one-on-one attention is priceless,” Donna said, “and women at every age enjoy being told ‘you look beautiful today’ and I feel that Mary Kay truly makes us feel that way.”

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